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The shows are highly recommended, and deemed “unmissable”. If for some reason you can’t leave your stateroom due to putting little ones to bed, feeling unwell or just fancy staying in then you can still watch the live performances on your television in your stateroom, there is a specific channel. How cool is that!!

Most room service items are free, if you order a soda from room service it will be charged to your room. Make use of the free soda refills on deck. ‘Cake of the Day’ is highly recommended for room service and is free, another is the cookies and milk in bed!!

Hints + Tips

Don’t over book yourself onto excursions or activities, especially on your first Disney Cruise. Others have said that they missed a lot of spur of the moment things that happened.

Bring or buy a large cup for drinks, there are free soda refills on certain decks. Fill your cups before going to bed and keep them in the fridge.

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