Best Rides For Toddlers At Magic Kingdom

Welcome to todays post where I’ll be taking a look at the best rides for toddlers at Magic Kingdom that’ll keep them happy all day long.

Magic Kingdom is one of the most iconic theme parks at Walt Disney World, beloved for being incredibly family-friendly.

With Cinderella’s castle as the centrepiece, it’s designed to capture the magic and wonder of childhood fantasies coming to life.

No matter your age though, you feel like a kid again walking down Main Street U.S.A. or seeing your favorite Disney characters in person!

Best Rides For Toddlers At Magic Kingdom

Now if you have a little one between the ages of 1 and 5, visiting Magic Kingdom is a whole different ballgame.

The key is choosing suitable rides they’ll enjoy rather than overwhelming or frightening them. The last thing you want is for your tiny Mickey fan to have anything but an amazing time!

That’s why I’ve created this guide to help parents and caregivers plan an enjoyable AND safe theme park experience for their toddlers.

I’ll go over everything from height requirements, appropriate thrill levels, crowds and wait times, to picking rides that match your child’s unique interests.

My aim is to make sure your trip is magical while keeping realistic expectations based on your toddler’s needs.

With some thoughtfully planning using this guide, your tiny human will have just as much fun at the Most Magical Place on Earth as you do!

Let’s get started mapping out the very best rides for toddlers at Walt Disney World’s crown jewel, Magic Kingdom.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Rides for Toddlers

The very first thing any parent or caregiver should look at when deciding what rides are suitable for their toddler at Magic Kingdom are the height requirements.

Most rides will have a minimum height clearly posted at the entrance which indicates it is generally safe for any child to ride at or above that height.

Pay close attention to these posted height minimums and measure your child before your visit if you aren’t sure.

Some gentle rides like The Magic Carpets of Aladdin only require children to be 32 inches tall, while thrilling options like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad require a 40 inch minimum.

If your toddler doesn’t meet the ride minimum height, they’ll not be permitted to ride for safety reasons.

Thrill Factor

In addition to height, you’ll want to consider the thrill factor or intensity of each ride at Magic Kingdom.

Steer clear of rollercoasters and rides with sharp drops that are obviously not designed for tiny thrill seekers!

The best rides for toddlers tend to be much more gentle and low key. That way you can focus on creating magical memories instead of dealing with frightened little ones.

Slow moving boat rides, rides that emphasize storytelling over thrills, and those that allow you to ride along with your toddler are ideal.

Theme & Interest

To make the most of your day, I also recommend picking Magic Kingdom rides that align with your toddler’s unique interests and personalities.

Maybe they love flying through the air or interacting with the story. Perhaps they have a favorite Disney character they’d love to spot in person.

Planning rides for toddlers around their delights and fascinations ensures they’ll have an amazing day.

They’re also less likely to get restless or scared when thoroughly engaged. So take your toddler’s unique preferences into account as you map out your Magic Kingdom route!

Top Picks for Toddlers at Magic Kingdom

One of the best lands to explore with toddlers at Magic Kingdom is Fantasyland. From classic storybook rides to beloved Disney characters, it’s filled with magic around every corner!

“it’s a small world”

This iconic boat ride is a must-do for toddlers visiting Fantasyland. As you gently drift along, you’ll be treated to a vibrant, whimsical doll-filled set pieces representing cultures from all over the world.

It’s delightfully colourful, playful, and brings the simple joys of childhood to life through song.

The ride itself is smooth sailing, with no jarring motions or darkened scenes. That makes it a winning pick for tiny travelers.

It also has added nostalgia factor for parents visiting Magic Kingdom from their own childhoods years ago!

Between the cheerful ear worm of a theme song and the adorable international displays, “it’s a small world” captivates toddlers and grown-ups alike.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Another Fantasyland favorite for little ones is Peter Pan’s Flight. This delightful ride truly makes you feel like you’re soaring high above Neverland alongside Peter himself!

After waiting in a short line (or using a Genie+ reservation), you’ll board a colourful pirate ship vehicle suspended from a track.

As your ship moves along, scenes from the beloved Disney film come alive around you. It feels like you’re whisked right into the movie magic as you fly over noteworthy Neverland spots like Mermaid Lagoon, Skull Rock, and Captain Hook’s ship.

Toddlers grasp onto the ride vehicle bar with delight, captivated by the sense of flying. The ride is smooth and mild, allowing them to fully soak up the immersive experience.

Pan’s playful narration and the ride’s upbeat, adventurous music add to the sensation of being part of Peter’s story. It’s no wonder this sweet soaring ride is a toddler favorite!

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

One Fantasyland ride that toddlers simply adore is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

This ride brings the beloved Hundred Acre Wood to life through gentle motion, sweet music, and interactive elements.

After making your way into Pooh’s storybook cottage, you’ll board a large hollow log shaped honey pot ride vehicle.

As it slowly meanders along the track into the colourful Hundred Acre Wood scenes, the ride feels almost dreamlike.

You’ll spot Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and other characters from the classic stories poised among vibrant birch trees and quaint countryside charm.

Friendly forest animals peek out from unexpected places, delighting toddlers as they point them out.

The ride even allows kids to interact with the story along the way which engages their sense of adventure.

With warm and fuzzy familiar characters, the Hundred Acre Wood ride offers a smooth, endearing experience perfect for tiny Pooh fans.


Tomorrowland entrance

Tomorrowland is all about visions of the future and new innovations. While toddlers may not be ready for hyperspace mountain just yet, there are some cool retro-future picks perfect for tiny techies.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

One attraction that gives little astronauts a thrilling yet gentle ride is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

This delightful mode of transportation takes riders on a leisurely tour all throughout Tomorrowland from an elevated track.

You and your toddler can climb aboard a shiny silver PeopleMover vehicle and take in aerial views of attractions like Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Star Wars Launch Bay.

It’s a smooth, peaceful ride that still feels rather exciting. Toddlers love pointing out sights below and in the distance as your car gently glides along.

The ride is continuously loading so you rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes to tour Tomorrowland in retro-future style.

And don’t worry, riders under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the vehicle so your toddler will stay safely seated the whole time.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

For mini space rangers who can’t get enough of Buzz Lightyear and friends, Tomorrowland’s Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is a blast.

Riders pedal through various Toy Story themed scenes using a special laser cannon to shoot targets and rack up points.

After entering through Andy’s bedroom, you’ll climb into an individual Star Cruiser spaceship vehicle with two laser guns attached.

As you twist and turn through Emperor Zurg’s evil lair, you can swivel the guns around to aim and shoot hundreds of targets located on structures throughout the ride. The more Z symbols you hit, the higher your score!

With an exciting space adventure soundtrack, vibrant neon-lit rooms and the chance to feel like you’re inside Andy’s epic toy battles, this ride engages toddler’s imaginations.

The vehicles do spin mildly so it may not be ideal for kids prone to dizziness. However most toddlers get a kick out of zapping targets and seeing their scores tally up at the end when they defeat the evil Emperor Zurg!


In Adventureland, toddlers can embark on thrilling expeditions without ever leaving the magic of Disney! These rides offer mild adventures among beloved Disney characters.

Jungle Cruise

All aboard the 19th century steamboat for a river voyage through the world’s exotic jungles! The Jungle Cruise takes riders on an engaging boat tour past animatronic elephants, tigers, gorillas hippos and more in recreations of tropical Asian, African and South American scenes.

Your skipper captain keeps things lighthearted with a round of terrible pun-filled jokes as you pass by lost adventurers, ancient ruins, cascading waterfalls and snapping crocodiles.

Toddlers giggle at the silly one-liners and delight in spotting lions lounging on branches or elephants spraying water across the river.

The ride is smooth sailing in a shared boat that seats several families. Lasting about 10 minutes, it captures toddler’s attention spans perfectly.

And if you have a tiny animal lover who just can’t get enough, ask the skipper all about their favorite jungle creature after disembarking!

With fun around every bend of the river, Jungle Cruise lets tiny adventurers spot exotic animals amid silly gags and a dash of Disney magic.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

For a truly magical toddler ride adventure, you can’t miss The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Inspired by the beloved Disney movie, this ride allows kids to hop onto their very own flying carpet vehicle and take flight!

After a short wait in line, parents help toddlers onto a colourful carpet apparatus seat designed to look like carpets from the film.

As Arabic versions of beloved Disney songs play, riders can use a small lever to control the height and tilt of their carpet.

This gives toddlers the thrilling sensation of rising up into the air or tipping gently back and forth.

Throughout the ride, guests whirl and twirl around a large genie lamp centrepiece. Genie pops out amid bubbly laughter to lead the way.

Surrounding the carnival ride-esque experience are vibrant scenes incorporating locations and characters from Aladdin.

Tiny fans will be delighted to spot the likes of Aladdin and Jasmine flying on their own carpet, the wacky magic carpet, the Sultan’s palace and the bustling Agrabah marketplace.

From start to finish, The Magic Carpets envelops toddlers in the magical world of Aladdin for a brief yet joyful ride.

It’s mild enough for even babies over a year old to enjoy while still making littles feel like they’re defying gravity.

Main Street, U.S.A.

No visit to Magic Kingdom is complete without a nostalgic stroll down Main Street, U.S.A. This turn-of-the-century small town replica welcomes guests into the park, leading up to Cinderella’s magical castle.

And when toddler feet get tired from exploring, families can take the Walt Disney World Railroad for a ride around the park.

Walt Disney World Railroad

If you have a tiny train enthusiast, watching the historic steam powered trains roll by on Main Street will already provide thrills.

For an even more immersive experience, climb aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad for a scenic ride through the lands of Magic Kingdom.

This charming 19th century locomotive takes riders on a relaxing 20 minute journey with a glimpse at Rivers of America, Adventureland, Fantasyland and more.

The train stations themselves captivate toddlers, decorated with warm lighting, vintage travel trunks and black and white railroad landscape photos.

And little conductors adore yelling “all aboard!” before the ride takes off.

Once settled into the padded bench seats, tiny travelers press their noses to the windows watching Magic Kingdom shrink behind them.

Quiet and smooth, the railroad lets imaginative minds wander as townsfolk wave from station stops along the route.

By the time you pull back into Main Street, your toddler will already be asking “Again? Again!”

Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Dumbo the Flying Elephant

No Magic Kingdom ride list would be complete without the iconic Dumbo the Flying Elephant. This charming staple has been around since opening day, letting kids soar through the sky with the adorable elephant himself!

After waiting in line surrounded by circus theming, toddlers hop aboard one of several Dumbo vehicles.

These ride vehicles feature a smiling Dumbo with giant blue ears attached to pivoting arms. As carnival music plays, riders can use a lever to control how high their elephant goes, rising up to 40 feet in the air!

Seeing Disney World shrink below their feet delights toddlers as they gently spin around the attraction.

And the line rarely exceeds 10 minutes so tiny Dumbos can fly again and again. Even from the ground, kids love spotting the elevating elephants circle above from across Fantasyland.

Dumbo offers just enough interactive motion for thrill combined with responsibility without being too intense for tiny riders.

This makes it a pretend play dream brought to life where your toddler can embrace their independence flying from the nest – or in this case the circus tent!

Tips for Enjoying Rides with Toddlers

One of the handiest tools for navigating rides with toddlers at Magic Kingdom is their Rider Swap system.

Since many rides have height requirements that exclude tiny ones, the park created this to make sure parents still get to experience the attractions they want without having to wait in line twice.

Here’s how it works:

When you reach a ride the whole family can’t ride together, one parent can wait with the toddler while the other rides first using the lightning lane entrance.

The riding parent informs the cast member they’d like to utilize rider swap.

After the first ride is complete, the second parent just scans their magic band to ride while the other waits with your little one.

It allows you to essentially hold the other parent’s place in line while they take turns riding with minimal wait time.

Taking advantage of rider swap makes conquering the parks with tiny humans in tow much smoother.

Both parents get to enjoy their favorite attractions without having to wrangle squirmy tots in line for extended periods!

Utilize Genie+ Reservations

No parent wants to deal with impatient toddler meltdowns brought on by long queue lines! That’s why Genie+ reservations are a must for families with little ones.

For an additional daily fee per ticket, you can use the My Disney Experience app to make ride reservations that provide lightning lane access.

This allows you to bypass standing in the standby line. You can hold one Genie+ reservation at a time, booking your next after redeeming or after 120 minutes elapses.

I’d recommend using Genie+ to reserve lightning lane spots for any of the most popular Magic Kingdom rides.

Toddler favourites like Peter Pan’s Flight, Jungle Cruise and even Meet Mickey Mouse himself are great options.

That way, you minimize having antsy tots counting down the minutes until reaching the front of the line.

Genie+ essentially lets you schedule ride times around your toddler’s needs for short bursts of activity and well-timed snacks or naps.

Genie+ app

It makes the day smoother when you can plan ahead rather than relying solely on a first come, first served basis. Take advantage of this handy tool to minimize long waits with your tiny thrill seekers!

Bring Essentials

When you’re chasing after an energetic toddler all day at a theme park, having essentials on hand is a lifesaver!

Make sure to pack a small backpack or park bag with all the daily must-haves before heading to Magic Kingdom.

Snacks – Pack nutritious snacks like pouches, cereal bars, crackers and fresh fruit. Refueling regularly prevents hungry meltdowns!

Water – Stay hydrated in the Florida sun. Tuck a few bottled waters and a reusable bottle in your bag so you can refill.

Sunscreen – Apply sunscreen regularly, especially mid-day. Choose a kid-friendly formula that won’t irritate their skin.

Extra clothes – Toddlers tend to get messy! Bring an extra change of clothes and shoes in case of spills, rain or restroom accidents.

First aid – Pack children’s pain reliever, band aids, antibacterial wipes and other medical basics so you’re prepared for scrapes and headaches.

Miscellaneous – Consider packing toddler entertainment items for line waits like small toys, colouring books and smartphones preloaded with movies or games.

Laying the groundwork with essentials makes navigating the Magic Kingdom with tiny humans much more magical.

When basic needs are covered, everyone stays comfortable allowing you to better enjoy each moment together!

Be Flexible

As any parent knows, little ones thrive on routine and knowing what to expect. However, one of the best pieces of advice I can offer families visiting Magic Kingdom is to stay flexible!

Toddlers feed off our energy. If you have your heart set on a very rigid plan to conquer attractions and stick to a timeline, they’ll pick up on the stress when inevitable hiccups occur.

Rides close unexpectedly, afternoon thunderstorms roll through, appetites and energy levels fluctuate.

Instead, I highly recommend going with the flow. Take breaks when needed even if you’re missing rides.

Allow your toddler to set the pace based on their needs each moment. If they’re suddenly frightened by an attraction, find something else fun instead of pushing them.

The goal should simply be enjoying your special time together at the Most Magical Place on Earth!

The rides will always be there to come back to. But your little one will only be this tiny and curious for so long.

Soak up every giggle, magical moment of wonder in their eyes, and memory made. Staying flexible and prioritizing your toddler’s enjoyment first makes that possible in the midst of the park’s hustle and bustle.

After all, their bright spirit is what makes a place like Disney feel truly magical!


I hope this guide has shed some light on the wonderful world of rides for toddlers at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Navigating the Most Magical Place on Earth with tiny humans may seem daunting. However, with some planning and realistic expectations, you’re guaranteed to have a blast.

The key is choosing age-appropriate attractions tailored to your toddler’s interests and abilities. Considering factors like height requirements, thrill levels, theming and interactivity ensures you pick rides they’ll enjoy rather than fear.

Equipped with my toddler ride recommendations for each land of the park, you can now confidently plan which attractions to prioritize.

Use tools like Rider Swap, Genie+ and essential item checklists to further streamline the day. Most importantly, let your little one guide the adventure and embrace spontaneity when needed.

I hope every parent heading to the Magic Kingdom with their tiny thrill seekers utilizes this advice.

There’s nothing quite like seeing real Disney magic reflected in a toddler’s eyes as experiences spark their imagination and joy.

If you have any other great tips or questions on planning the perfect Disney trip with little ones, please reach out! I may just have to do a follow up post. Happy adventuring!

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