Disney World – Packing For Those With Disabilities or Special Needs

Disney World - Packing For Those With Disabilities or Special Needs

Sometimes you’ll need to pack items that are a requirement rather than a convenience especially if you need to pack for family members who have disabilities or special needs and this is just as true when you want to visit Disney World.

Disney World - Packing For Those With Disabilities or Special Needs

Make sure to have the proper quantities of any medication that will be needed by family members during the day. Keep any medication that you are carrying with you in a waterproof container, secured in a zippered pocket or other compartment areas which can be fastened so as not to lose any during the rides.

Medications that you don’t need to keep with you at all times such as something that needs to be taken only once during the day can be left in your locker or you can bring just the single dose with you if possible. Check to ensure you have an emergency remedy such as medications for diabetes, epi-pens /remedies for severe allergies or other health conditions.

For a family member with visual limitations, make sure any items that help them to see are packed or worn. For those who wear glasses be sure to bring something that will secure them while wearing them on rides so they won’t fall off on some of the wilder rides.


Many stores sell straps with loops into which the end pieces of the frame can be slipped and which wraps firmly around the back of the head. For family members with mobility difficulties, if possible bring a fold up wheelchair. Renting strollers and wheelchairs can be expensive and often require waiting in long lines.

For family members with audio and associated verbal disabilities, make sure to pack any hearing aids or communication facilitator such as communication boards.

Plan how hearing aids can be secured during rides if possible and if not, determine if it is practical for the individual to go on rides without wearing them. If the choice is not to wear them during rides, determine where they will be kept during the ride. Decide if leaving them with the attendant is an acceptable choice or if not, how they can be stored securely.


While there are numerous items listed here, ultimately what you pack should be what makes sense for your family. Your choices will differ based on your budget, the number of children accompanying you and their ages, how many people will be able to reliably carry a small backpack or another bag throughout the day, and any special needs of family members.

Remember the day is about making magical memories and while you want to have what you need based on your families individual circumstances you also don’t want to have to continuously check to make sure you have everything you brought with you.

These services are available at every Disney Hotel for guests with disabilities.

  • Bed shaker alarm
  • Text Typewriter
  • Strobe light fire alarm
  • Phone amplifier
  • Roll-in showers
  • Shower benches
  • Hand-held shower heads
  • Double door peepholes
  • Closed captioned television
  • Braille on signage and elevators
  • parking
    Portable Commodes
  • Complimentary Valet parking where this service is offered
  • Buses with wheelchair lifts
  • Wider bathroom door
  • Accessible vanities
    Bathroom rails
  • Bed rails
  • Adjustable beds
  • Lower beds
  • Rubber bed pads
  • Door knock and phone alerts


Does Disney Do Enough For Disabled Guests? What else would you like to see at Disney to make things easier?

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