Top 5 Disney World Rumours

Disney is one of the best places for anyone who loves all things Disney. It’s not just for kids, its for adults too and anyone who loves to have great family fun. Every year there are new additions to the parks and It’s always exciting to see what Walt Disney World comes up with next. So buckle up and let’s see what the top 5 Disney world rumours are.

disney world rumours

1) Disney World new Monorail Fleet

There have been rumours circulating which say that it is suggested by some inner sources at Walt Disney World that this is something that is long overdue.

We are inclined to believe this rumour because sooner or later, Disney World has to replace their Monorail fleet, since they have been wanting to do so since 1980.

The monorail is a significant selling point for a number of deluxe resorts, since one room can cost more than $600 a night, and this sell would be tough without the monorails.

It’s expected that a total expenditure on the Monorail will be over $100 Million dollars, but it will make them safer, faster and smoother.



2) Guardians of The Galaxy Replacing Universe of Energy

We know that a lot of people had been declining this rumour, and the rumours have alternated between Guardians of The Galaxy replacing Tower of Terrors. However, it’s now official that it’ll be ready by 2021 (replacing Universe of energy).

The silver lining is that this indicates Tower of Terror at Walt Disney global is genuinely secure, and additionally that this new attraction in future international will use the prevailing facade of Universe of electricity, so it should at least aesthetically suit inside future world.


guardians of the galaxy

3) New Pavilion to be added to the World Showcase

Rumours of a new international show off Pavilion had been mentioned for years, but the most powerful contemporary rumour points to a new Brazil Pavilion being delivered between the Germany and Italy Pavilions. If this rumour comes to fruition, it is possible the brand new pavilion will not open until 2022.

With a reported $450 million budget, of which a Brazilian sponsor would pay $250 million, the addition of multiple pavilions is also a possibility with new pavilions being Spain, India or Puerto Rico.



4) Main street Theater Project For Magic Kingdom Canceled

Numerous insiders have been reporting this for a while, there have been sources that are attributing the cancellation of that assignment to the monorails, indicating that the theater budget have been reallocated to the monorail fleet.

We’re not certain that the funds transfer speculation is a 100% true, but the project seems to have been “delayed indefinitely”.


5) Pandora Expansion

Disney Pandora expansion at Animal Kingdom might already be planned but Disney are really keeping this one quiet. Disney spent $500 million on Pandora and now the rumour is Disney want to expand The World Of Avatar. The expansion rumour is that it will include a new restaurant and a new ride.

The new Avatar Films are due out in 2020 and 2021 so maybe they will try to tie the expansion to the new films.

Out of these 5 i think my favourite has to be the Guardians of the Galaxy, what rumour do you want to happen the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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